Justine Lei Ramos is the topnotcher of the January 2019 Architecture Licensure Examinations (ALE). She is from Algeria in Southern Cebu. Justine wisher the best for her family and she aspires to build them a dream house. She took Architecture from Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U). This isn’t her first course in college. In fact, she took up BS Medical Technology but it is in Architecture that she found her calling. BS Medical Technology is simply not for her.

Her father is a hardworking Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) but he got retrenched last year but Justine had plans for herself and her family and she doesn’t want all the hard work of her dad to go down the drain that’s why she studied hard to reach her goals. Her dad wanted her to be on the Top 10 of the Board Exams and try her best to study hard. He said that if she didn’t make it to Top 10 then she would still pass but she didn’t only pass and she isn’t the top 10 because she is Top 1!

Justine got a score of 83.80 in the exams last January 25 and 27, 2019. This made her brother so proud of her that’s why he shared the photos which have now become viral showing all the notes that Justin posted throughout her room. He said that her hard work and sleepless nights had paid off. He was very happy with the results of the exam.


The whole room is filled with her notes which got netizens inspired and wanting to imitate the process. On the other hand, some netizens are surprised with what she did. The success of Justine and her family is an inspiration to many. By working hard on her studies, she is a giant step forward to reaching her dreams.

sources: rachfeed | facebook


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