Nowadays, no one is exempted from becoming a victim of a scam. This is inspite of the countless stories of people falling victim to different kinds of scam. This is exactly what happened to Jeshika Yan. She narrated on her Facebook post how she became a victim of an online shopping scam.


According to Jeshika, while she was still at work last November 15, 2018, her mother received a package in her behalf at around 5pm. She had done many online shopping in the past and her mother always receives the items for her since it arrives when she is still in the office. She usually tells her mother in advance that she had ordered something online and it will be delivered in their house.

That day, her mother received a package from her. This is inspite of the fact that she didn’t tell her she was expecting a delivery. She said that her mom can’t call her through the phone since she borrowed her phone but she received a message from her that she had accepted something on her behalf and this really surprised her especially after learning the price of the item. It amounted to Php1,890.00.


Upon reaching home, she saw that it came from SHOPALLYOUWANT and it was delivered by XPOST. Her shock continued further after checking out what was the item. It was just a tissue paper. It was definitely a scam and her information was probably acquired through Lazada or Shopee. All her information on the package was correct except for the telephone number. She found out upon searching that she wasn’t the only victim of this scam. There are plenty of them actually. Everyone should be careful of this modus and she hopes that the netizens will learn from her experience. According to Jeshika, she suspects that the delivery boy is an accomplice of this scam.



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