If there is a couple right now who embodies true #relationshipgoals, it’s this long-time couple from Mindanao. John Khenbert L. Yu and Kimberly P. Dospueblos graduated with degrees in BS Architecture and they also both graduated Cum Laude. The couple is in a 4-year relationship and they both went to the same school, University of Mindanao. The couple became viral when Khenbert posted his and Kimberly’s achievements together with their photos which they reached together. He posted it on Twitter to which their friends and families responded to and shared the post. It has since became viral. He captioned the Tweet “5-year course, 4 years in a relationship, 3 years of struggle (Masaya pa 1st at 2nd yr ng arki), 2 laudes, 1 dream”.

Both of them went to UP because it’s their dream school. Khenbert chose the course because his idea of Architecture is that it only involves drawing house and buildings. Kimberly, on the other hand decided that it’s the best course for her because it’s related to her interests. Kimberly said that she is fond of Arts and Mathematics so for her the course is the one that suits her.

This couple maybe young but they have proven that both of them are capable of pursuing a long-lasting relationship. They have been together for a long time and by today’s standards, 4 years is already a long time to be in a relationship. They also prove that being together is an inspiration for them to reach for their dreams and be happy for each other. This is just the start for them and they have a long way to go that’s why netizens are keeping it positive for the couple who showed everyone what #relationshipgoals truly are.

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