Peter Joemal ‘Bikoy’ Advincula is viral nowadays for surfacing as a witness against President Rodrigo Duterte and the members of his drug trade. But who is ‘Bikoy’ Advincula, where did he come from, and what are his motives?

‘Bikoy’ Advincula recently made headlines when he surfaced as a ‘witness’ against Duterte and his drug trade. His sincerity, however was questioned when a Facebook post last August 12, 2018 was discovered by netizens. According to the post of a certain Jem Honghong, ‘Bikoy’ is a scammer and a swindler. The PJ they’re pertaining to on the post is ‘Bikoy’. They described him as someone who is well-experienced in hustling people. The people who are against ‘Bikoy’ said that he is from the seminary that’s why he is confident that no one will suspect him of doing an anomaly.

According to the complainants, he should go to jail and be punished for his crimes. They also insist that he should show himself if he didn’t do anything wrong but ‘Bikoy’ can’t be found now. Jem described him as ‘gone with the wind.’ The police authorities said that there is already a blotter filed against this PJ but according to netizens there is no update about the incident.

The post about PJ is being used against ‘Bikoy Advincula but it is still unclear if ‘Bikoy’ is also PJ. Since Pj is already nowhere to be found, authorities will have a hard time getting evidence to point if they are the same person. However, if this is true then this is something that can be used against him and to point out his true motives. Only time will tell if people should believe ‘Bikoy’ or not. For now, the election date is coming and people should be ready for their votes and to choose the right candidates to serve the nation.



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