You’ll need a lot of money to materialize a grand wedding. The industry is big. There are more than enough wedding suppliers in the Metro. Because of this, engaged couples have a hard time making decisions.

But, this couple didn’t want to go through that. They got married in a church but still saved money in the process. Mommy Marilen shared in her Facebook account that she and her husband John Cedric Pasco were already married from the city hall. They’ve been living together with two kids for eleven years.

In the Philippines, a church wedding is a sacred event. Filipinos take this seriously. After eleven years of civil marriage, they decided to tie the knot again in a church.

To save on wedding expenses, they invited only a few guests. There’s one set of Ninong and Ninang (godfather and godmother). The ceremony was simple and they held the reception at a Filipino restaurant.

They also spent the Php25,000 on their wedding costumes and for hiring a photographer and videographer. The couple insisted on a low-key wedding, but they went big with their faith in God. Marilen shared that the love of God is outpouring. Their union shows that a marriage centered on God is a loving and strong one.

They trust in the Lord to guide their relationship. Marilen also adds that it will be a bonus if one day they can spend on an extravagant wedding. But for now, they choose to use what money they have to good use.

The importance of marriage is about building relationships centered on God and making it work as a couple. It’s nice to have a grand wedding, but it’s still practical to spend money on more important things. After all, it’s a strong relationship that counts.



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