Just about anyone can get a cyst and grease ball but they say the most common is when it runs in the family or the family has a history of it.

Any part of the body can have a cyst or grease ball including the head, neck, arms and underarms.

These are just benign soft tissue or a fatty tumor where the muscle and skin is located. Typically, adults between 40-60 years old can get it but there are cases where even infants get it.

Some doctors also mentions inactivity of the body can cause it though this still needs confirmation and thorough research. Cyst and grease ball is actually harmless, not cancerous and it isn’t painful.

You can get rid of this easily with some few ingredients.

Cysts and Grease Balls Easy Home Remedy

What you need:

  • Flour
  • 4 tbsp of Honey
  • Bandage or soft cloth


Get a bowl and put the honey and flour. Mix it thoroughly until you have a thick paste.

Get the mixture and apply it onto the area with cyst or grease ball.

Let the mixture stay on your skin or 48 hours and do not wash it out.

Wrap the bandage or put it over the affected area to protect it.

After the 48-hour period, wash the skin with lukewarm water.

Do this once a day for a week until the cyst and grease balls disappear.

*Another method you can try is the salt and egg yolk method. Just mix 2 tablespoon of salt and one egg yolk. Rub it onto the affected skin 4 times a day until you see results.

This is a great, effective and cheap way to remove cyst and grease balls. Try this at home to know its effectiveness.


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