If you have been paying your contributions as a member of the Social Security System (SSS), you will soon be entitled to several SSS benefits. What kinds of benefits, you ask? Well, this article is written to address that question and to help contributors become more aware of the privileges available to them.


Aside from pension fund for retirees, SSS also provides loans and financial assistance for members.

1. SSS Maternity Benefits

For example, women who couldn’t go back to work because of childbirth (or even miscarriage) may avail of maternity benefits. This means they can receive a daily cash allowance equivalent to 100 percent of their average daily salary credit. For normal delivery or miscarriage, the amount will be multiplied by 60 days while those who underwent a C-section will be multiplied by 78 days.

2. SSS Sickness or Injury Benefits

If you cannot go to work because of sickness or injury, yes, you as an SSS member can be entitled to a daily cash allowance. If you have been confined at home or at the hospital for a minimum of four days, then you can avail of this benefit and receive an amount equal to 90% of your average daily salary for each day you are unable to work. Learn the step-by-step guide on how to avail the SSS sickness benefits.

3. Disability Pension

If you have been into an accident and, as a result, have become permanently disabled, whether totally or partially, then you are entitled to a cash benefit. You can either choose to receive the money as a monthly pension or as a lump-sum amount.

4. SSS Retirement Pension Benefits

Of course, members who retire from work can apply for retirement pension. Mandatory retirement is for individuals who are at least 65 years old while optional retirement is available for those who are 60 years old and above. As with disability benefits, SSS members can either receive a monthly pension or a lump-sum amount.
An additional 13th-month pension is also given every December.

5. Dependent’s Pension

Meanwhile, young children of members are entitled to a dependent’s pension. The catch here, however, is that only five minor children are entitled to this type of pension.

6. SSS Death Pension Benefits

Beneficiaries of a deceased SSS member can receive cash benefit either as a monthly pension or a lump-sum amount. This type of pension is usually given to the husband’s spouse or children.
If you take the monthly death pension option, the beneficiary is also entitled to a 13th-month pension every December plus minor children can also receive a dependent’s pension amounting to 10% of the father’s monthly pension.

7. SSS Loans

Finally, SSS also offers cash loans for members who have at least contributed for the past 12 months before their loan application. This could be helpful if you are in need of cash to use for whatever purpose. The loan payment can later be deducted straight from your salary plus there will be a 10% interest rate per annum until the loan is paid in full.

For more information about SSS benefits, visit the office in your area or check out their official website.