One of the benefits of being an active Social Security Member (SSS) member is that you get the advantage of applying for sss calamity loan and emergency loans whenever you need it. When natural calamities or other unexpected emergencies strike, this service and program will allow you to recover through financial loan you can use to cover for your needs.

For this article, we will share with you what you need to do to qualify for an SSS Calamity Loan – along with its requirements and process.

SSS Calamity Loan Requirements

To begin with, the SSS Calamity Loan is only available for members who are from areas that are affected by calamities.
A Calamity Loan usually includes the early and advance release of three-month pensions, salary loan early renewal, suspension of loan payments for 6 months, and interest rate reductions for new loans to Housing Loan programs for repairs and improvements.
As for the requirements, you will need the following:

  1. A completed application form
  2. Two (2) valid IDs
  3. SSS number/ ID or Card

Make sure that you have these requirements before going to your local SSS office. When filling up your application form, make sure to check your details so you can avoid any errors.

The SSS Loan Restructuring Program (LRP)

Additionally, SSS also has the Loan Restructuring Program (LRP) which, according to their website, is offered “for members with past due calamity loans and other short-term member loans who reside or work in calamity areas as declared by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) or the national government.”

Other Options for Emergency Loans

Aside from SSS, other agencies that offer emergency loans are GSIS and Pag-IBIG Fund. The requirements and process, of course, with each one and your best bet would be to visit their office for inquiries or to check out details from their official websites. You have to be aware, however, that all these loans come with their own interest rates so make sure that you only borrow money when you really need it.