Most children become the best full-grown adults because of good foundation which starts from their childhood. When parents show their love, affection and concern for their child, the kid will see that and he will strive to become the best kid for his parents. A nurturing environment despite the circumstances is needed to show a child that his parents are willing to do everything to protect and care for him. The photo uploaded by Jeff Magno on Social Media shows what a great parent is.


In one of his trips to Cebuana Lhuillier in Pacita Branch, Magno noticed the security guard carrying a little girl. He felt curious why he brings this girl with him on duty. He asked the guard and the guard answered that the child is sick. It wasn’t clear if there is no one to take care of the child at home but this concerned netizen just want to share how loving this dad is for bringing his sick kid with him at work.

Kids are lucky if they have parents who want the best for them even if they are not rich. Many parents neglect their kids that’s why if you’re a kid and you have loving parents, be loving to them in return. This is an inspiring story of a dad who risks work just to bring his sick kid because there’s no one to take care of her. Let’s all hope that the little girl will be soon well and there is someone who can help them with their finances so they can go to a doctor. So for kids these days, give some love back to your parents. What are your thoughts on this inspirational story?



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