What Would You Do in the Name of Love? This lady had to let go of her boyfriend to make him happy. They were in love for two years, but she knew their love story won’t last long. Her ex-boyfriend wanted to be a priest.

In a memorable Twitter post, the young lady talked about the love of her life. She mentioned that she let him go so he can be a priest. According to her, it’s her ex-boyfriend’s calling.

She even broke up with him so she can surprise him on his birthday. The two, together with their loved ones, spent his last birthday celebration before he attends the seminary school. They may have broken up, but the two remained friendly. Kayl also made sure that he remembers the sweetest memories from their time together.

The post has gone viral, and netizens had mixed reactions about her post. What stood out to them is the genuine love of Kayl for her ex. Some of them questioned Kayl for taking the risk and loving someone who wants to serve the Lord. But, she clarified that her love for her ex is very deep and added that she is thankful for the two years they shared. She let him go and wished him well. Kayl didn’t want to keep him from fulfilling his calling.

Some priests experienced being in a relationship before they enter the seminary. If anything, this practice allows them to know about their calling. Entering priesthood is no easy task. It will take a lot of sacrifices, including giving themselves to the Lord. Once they become priests, it would be a sin to fall in love with a woman.

In the event they fall in love, they have to leave the church. Some who go through this even face bashing from the people they know. Now that Kayl’s ex will become a priest, he knows that this is his calling. He may have fallen in love with her and their memories can keep him going. But he will now serve the Lord, and Kayl is very proud of him.



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