This will give you bucket of tears. A mom with no arms and hands does wonders with her feet! Netizens take notice of a woman who does household chores like sewing, washing and slicing and preparing foods with her feet because she has no arms and hands. She was seen pouring milk into her cup, drinking, feeding her daughter, opening the fridge and even putting makeup on. Her daughter didn’t seem to mind that she was using her feet to feed her.



The woman who may have suffered a birth deformity or accident that’s why she has no arms is so courageous to continue on with her life despite her disability. This disability has even gained her newfound strength and a different kind of ability in which she can use her feet. She didn’t let the disability stop her from doing her role as a mother, a homemaker and a woman. You wouldn’t see hatred or bitterness in the way she looks. In fact, she even looks happy doing the things she does.



Everyone can take something inspiring from the woman. While others always complain about the small things, this woman is happy and can function very well with her life. She is showing the online world how disabilities can be a source of motivation. This woman channelled her inner strength through the things she does every day.



There are problems and stresses in life that it has become easy to complain and focus on the negative things but we can all take inspiration from her and learn how to be appreciative of our lives for a change. Sometimes bad things do happen and it can devastate us but what is important is how we can rise from it and be like this woman who rose from her disability.



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