What a way to pay tribute to pandemic COVID-19! This Pinay mom got many people laughing in disbelief after naming her newborn baby Covid Bryant. A tweet from her boss has gone viral after the boss learned that she named her baby after a rather the 2019 virus – that took the lives of people worldwide.

photo via pixabay

The second name, though, seemed like a sweet tribute to basketball legend, Kobe Bryant. The ‘kasambahay’ delivered her baby last March 15. And while people were questioning her “weird” baby-naming strategy, they can’t help feeling emotional about the ‘Kobe’ tribute.

As for the ‘Covid’ name, almost everyone can’t help but think about the future of the baby. Bullying is prevalent at any life stage. Everyone is worried that peers would bully the baby after learning his name.

That said, many said that his given name is ‘crazy.’ Incidentally, the birthdate of the baby is March 15, which is the same date as the beginning of the community quarantine here in Metro Manila. The real question is, “what was she thinking when she named her baby?” The Bryant is adorable, but Covid? It’s up to you, readers what you think.

Years from now, he may still feel the effect of his given name. After all, who can forget how the virus took may lives? Let’s all hope this kid won’t suffer the dark humor of his given name.

To date, COVID-19 continues to take lives around the world. The number of patients in Metro Manila is now over 700 and growing. Everyone is hopeful, but it’s hard not to feel a pang of negativity at this time.

The government is continuously doing what it takes to save this country. It will take a lot to do that. But with everyone’s cooperation, it will happen.

Let’s pray for our country and the front-liners to be strong and stay healthy at this time.


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