Do you know that cooking an egg in a microwave poses danger to your life?

If you’re surfing the Internet, there’s a man who filed a lawsuit against a restaurant that is allegedly cooked the hard-boiled egg using a microwave. The man had suffered hearing damage and severe burns after the egg exploded inside his mouth.


In a research presented at the 174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society, the researchers have been studying the phenomenon and why the hard-boiled egg exploded. They began their research by watching the video cooking an egg in a microwave.

They found out that eggs explosion inside the microwaves sometimes happen, but there are also times that the eggs survived. There’s also a possibility that the egg may explode after taken out from the microwave and nudged with a sharp object.

Through an experiment held by the researchers, they ruled out that the egg explosion is brief and the sound is about 86 to 133 decibels. This means that the explosion isn’t enough to cause hearing damage.

The interesting part of the research is that the temperature of the yolk is much higher and it follows that it is more receptive to the radiation of the microwave than the pure water. Likewise, the protein in the egg traps the water in the yolk that is then superheated above the boiling point when cooked in a microwave. The egg explosion happens when it is bitten or poked.

Therefore, it’s not a good idea to cook hard-boiled eggs through microwave because there’s great possibility that it may explode inside your mouth once you bite it.


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