Wow! This Filipino officer helps out an old man in need. He assisted the old man by kneeling down and tying the shoe laces of the Senior Citizen. This is why he is quickly becoming popular with netizens because of his kindness and willingness to help. PO1 Jerald Lagazon saw an elderly couple getting out of their van. The couple rode a van going to NLEX Mega Station. When they’re about to alight  the vehicle, they have a hard time going down from the van so the PO1 helped them as they come down from the van.

This didn’t stop as the old man had a problem with his shoelaces so the PO1 helped him too and tied it together. He knelt down and took care of the shoelaces of the senior citizen. The good deed of the PO1 caught the attention of netizens so they took a photo and posted it on the net.

Other netizens found it interesting and amazing how he helped the elderly people. The photos were uploaded on Facebook page PNP Good Deeds and everyone can’t help but feel supportive of the PO1. Everyone were also thankful for his good deed.

This inspiring video is just what we need because it shows that it’s not really hard to show some compassion despite the hardships of life. The PO1 showed that the citizens and the police can have a harmonious relationship with each other if we want to. It’s amazing when you see officers helping out and this may be the very reason to form another good relationship of the people with the police. A simple act of kindness definitely goes a long way and everyone is very happy with this sight.



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