Many working individuals are complaining about the non-remittance of SSS contributions by their employers. If you’re one of those experiencing the same issue, this post can help you with the right things to do.
As an employee and member of SSS, you have the right to know whether or not your employer is remitting the SSS contributions deducted from your salary. Thus, you need to check first your SSS contributions in either of the following options:

  • Check online

Using the Internet to check your SSS contributions is the easiest way. But, make sure that you have SSS online account. If you don’t have an online account yet, you can register at My.SSS facility at the official website of SSS. Once you are successfully registered, you can check your contribution using your computer or mobile phone.
Under the “Actual Premiums” page, you can see your SSS contributions with the corresponding month and amount.

  • Check through Text

If you don’t have an online account, you can still check your SSS contributions through texting. Here’s how to do it;
SSS<space>REG<space>10-digit SSS number<space>MM/DD/YYYY

If the registration is successful, you will receive the 4-digit PIN that you can use when making inquiries through text.
SSS<space>CONTRIB<space>10-digit SSS number<space>4-digit PIN

Globe and Smart subscribers are charged Php2.50 and Php2.00 for Sun subscribers.

  • Check personally at the SSS office

Another way to check your SSS contribution is to visit personally the nearest SSS branch. But, you should expect for long queues. You can set an appointment if you want to spare yourself from waiting too long.
If after checking your SSS contributions you found out that your employer does not remit the monthly premium, you should make a move immediately.
Here’s what to do;

  • Gather your pay slip

The first thing that you should do after you know about the issues of your SSS contribution is to gather your pay slip. Check the months that you have deductions for your SSS premiums. It will serve as proof.

  • Verify with your employer

You can talk to your HR officer about the issue of your SSS contributions. Do it politely. If the HR officer said that your contributions are already remitted but not yet posted, you can request for a copy of the remitted contributions to the SSS.

  • File a complaint

In case that the company you’re working with does not make the necessary action about your complaint, you can report directly to the SSS Office. Based from your complaint statement, the SSS will investigate your employer. Follow up for any progress about your complaint with the SSS.

Is it necessary here’s how to file a complaint in SSS

As an employee, you have the right to file a complaint in case that your employer is not diligent in remitting the SSS contributions. Keep in mind that you can only avail the SSS benefits or apply for a salary loan if you have meet the required number of monthly contributions.
It is important to settle issues about your SSS contributions as soon as you know it. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that you can avail any of the SSS benefits anytime you need it.

Republic Act 8282 – Social Security Act of 1997

The Social Security Act of 1997 requires all employers to deduct a certain amount from the salary of their employees for the monthly SSS contributions. In the same manner, the employer has the responsibility to pay their share and remit the contributions diligently. The employers should submit the monthly report of employee’s contributions to the SSS office in which the company is registered.

Any employer who fails to remit the contribution will be charged a penalty of Php5, 000 to Php20, 000 or imprisonment for a minimum of 6 years. Likewise, a delinquent employer may face a crime of estafa and face the consequences of imprisonment as per the Revised Penal Code. Failure to remit the employee’s SSS contribution is a form of fraud.


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