The brain is the most powerful organ of the body because it is the one responsible for all the movements of the human body. It’s the organ that receives stimuli and processes it to act accordingly this it is called the central body organ.


The complexity of the human brain makes it an organ of the body that is subject to many more studies. There are certain functions of the brain that Science has not yet explained.

It’s the organ that needs the most rest because of its function that’s why sleep is very important to keep it in its prime condition. Sleep becomes a way for the brain to stay focus the next day and to keep it feeling refreshed.

Many people don’t get too much sleep because of stress and too much work so this becomes a problem but there are some ways to improve your sleeping habits.

One physician named Dr. Andrew Well from Harvard University confirms this breathing technique called ‘4-7-8’. He says that you have to breathe through your nose for 4 seconds and hold your breath for seven seconds. Lastly, you have to exhale using your mouth for 8 seconds.

The technique helps oxygen to move about in your system and encourage blood circulation for the whole body especially the brain.

This is a proven technique used by many to aid them fight insomnia. It helped them after a few times they used the technique. The technique releases ‘fell-good hormones’ that can really help people get some sleep after a tiring day.

You will also have a normal heartbeat if you do this technique and it helps calms the mind. This is a simple technique that you can do to protect yourself from more stress if you can’t sleep. This is a way for you to relax and have a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling better the next morning.


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