A tribe from the Philippines called Igolot-Garonne gained attention on Social Media when they paraded in their costumes and riding a native bike made of natural wood and features animals as designs. The tribesmen went to ride their wooden bicycle in town to parade where many bystanders couldn’t help but feel amazed. The bicycle is made from wood from the trees where the tribesmen live. These bicycles have different designs like lion, dragon, horse, and others. These bicycles take a year to be made from the design to the cutting of the wood and processing it to become a bicycle that the tribesmen will enjoy.

Igolot-Garonne-Tribe-Wears-Their-Costumes-and-Ride-a-One-of-a-Kind-Native-Wooden-Bike 0


The bicycle is a way to showcase what the Philippine tribe has to offer. It’s a way to let spectators see that Filipino tribes have what it takes to make quality items. The craftsmanship of the bikes is superb and each curve is very detailed. These bicycles can even be sold if they are given proper funding by the government because the talent is there. The costumes they’re wearing are also very creative that it can be a source of income for the people of that place.


There are many forgotten tribes in the country and while the noise of the Metro is what draws people more, these tribe people do their natural way of living. They may be far from civilization but come to think of it they’re living simpler lives wherein they just plant vegetables and take care of some animals for food.

These bicycles are also great for exercise activities which are very famous nowadays. That must be the reason why these tribesmen are fit. What do you think of these bikes? Do you think it’s a good idea to use this kind of bikes?



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