What would you do if a wallet full of cash suddenly lands on your palm? This lucky guy named Wan Mohamad Adam Wan Mohamed is a 2-year old business owner in Kampung Tualang Salak, Kelantan, Malaysia who buys used to clothes to sell at his store. It came as a full surprise to him though that the bundle of clothes he bought for the price of $24 or Php1,200 has a hidden gem. The bundle of clothes has a wallet full of cash amounting to 450,000 yen equivalent to RM16,800 or $4150. He is set to using a portion of his money for his business while the remaining is meant for savings and remembrance of his experience.

Jackpot-ang-Lalaking-ito-na-Bumili-ng-Damit-sa-Ukay-ukay-Nang-may-Kasamang-Malaking-Halaga 0


Some netizens told Mohamad to look for the owner and return the money while some are just in awe for his good luck. You will never know when luck strikes that’s and in the case of Mohamad, it happened in a place where you wouldn’t think you can find hidden gems.


Second hand stores give the impression of being dingy and smelly but there are many useful things that can be bought from there. Some people have already attested that they found signature items at second hand stores. These items may range from bags, clothes, shoes and even accessories. So don’t take these stores for granted.

Jackpot-ang-Lalaking-ito-na-Bumili-ng-Damit-sa-Ukay-ukay-Nang-may-Kasamang-Malaking-Halaga 4

The story of Mohamad is not only an inspiration but it’s a story that surprised many because of the amount he got by visiting the second hand store. It’s a good thing he wants to use it to improve his business and to save up. This is heaven sent to him. How about you, do you think he should return the money or just keep it? What are your thoughts?



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