Filipinos in general are kind and if ever it has changed through the years, that’s because life became too hard in this country. There are people who suffer poverty, violence, and abuse. But the kindness of the Filipino people was proven by a ‘lady in pink’ when she gave a beggar her food. The old beggar followed the ‘lady in pink’ continuously for a couple of minutes. The woman noticed this so she gave her food to the beggar. Such a kind gesture didn’t go unnoticed. A netizen took photos of the kind-hearted lady and the upload quickly became viral.

‘Lady-in-Pink’-Impresses-Netizens-with-Her-Kindness-and-Generosity-to-an-Old-Beggar 0


The viral photos also show that the woman talked to the old beggar. The beggar may look untidy but the woman didn’t mind. She also waited for the old man to finish his food. She didn’t care what the old man looks like because she wants to help in her own way. This woman has earned the respect of many netizens because she proved that even through hard times Filipinos are still helpful and giving.


By giving her own food, she showed everyone that helping someone isn’t hard to do. Parents should show their children inspirational photos of these especially now when there’s always violence and people find it hard to give some smile to one another. This video of a happy woman helping out a person in need is what everybody need these days.


These photos are just evidence there are still Filipinos who are kind and helpful. Not everyone has the best intentions but if we all just pause for a while and look around, we’ll see that there are still those who deserve the chance to be respected and not be judged. What are your thought on this?



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