When two people get married, they are full of hopes and dreams. They want to start a family and they do everything to make that possible. Lisa and Darren is a newly married couple who are starting a family and they’re very hopeful to have kids soon. The two learned they’re having a baby so they did everything to prepare but they soon learn that they’re having twins and their twins have a medical condition. The medical condition of the kids is called ‘monochorionic monoamniotic twins’.


The unborn twins are sharing the same chorionic and amniotic sac. It means that that this could be the result of their umbilical cords being entangled. The umbilical cord is the transportation of food and nutrients from the mother to the child or in this case the twins but since the umbilical cord connecting the three of them is twisted, not much nutrients are being received by the twins. The doctors told them that this can cause many complications and asked them if they want to continue with the pregnancy.

This is a hard time for the couple because Darren is going away for work due to higher pay and Lisa had to go through the pregnancy alone. They thought they’re not going to make it but God blessed them because Lisa and the twins survived the condition. Though the twins are premature, they are well and healthy that’s why Darren and Lisa are very happy. This goes to show that even when it seems impossible, miracles still happen if you just have faith. Now, Lisa and the babies are alive and the family can start a new life together. The twins complete Darren and Lisa’s life after they were born.

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