Nowadays, most teenagers are spoiled and used to taking advantage of the financial support they are getting from their parents. Some love spoon-feeding and co-dependency with their family. Many Filipino children don’t think about the difficulty that their parents face just to send them to good schools. Their parents provide them daily allowances to spend on transportation and school works. These teenagers own expensive mobile phones, computers, and other gadgets. They seem to get what they want easily and that is the sad reality.

One young lady named Xiao Mei proved that not all teenagers are the same. Despite her female gender and pretty face, she decided to work as a construction worker. Xiao Mei wants to be independent and earn her own money. She is doing her best to get her dream house someday.

Xiao Mei said she didn’t want to ask for money from her own parents.  She chose to find a job to support her own expenses. She doesn’t care if she is working at a construction site, as long as she has a decent job. Xiao Mei has a very difficult job for a woman, but her determination to achieve her dream is much stronger. Many people admired Xiao Mei‘s will and hard work.

Xiao Mei proved that a woman can be a construction worker too, even though good stamina and great strength are required for this job. She is showing that any woman can work hard to reach their goals in life. Xiao Mei received a lot of support and positive reactions from netizens. This story will inspire many children to be grateful for what they have. Nothing is impossible if you have a strong mindset to achieve your goals. Don’t let anyone underestimate your capabilities because only you know what you can do.



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