A photo of a newborn baby is circulating the worldwide web as of late. The newborn baby is tagged as the ‘strong’ baby because he won’t let go of his doctor’s scrubs after he came out of his mother’s womb. The cute photo of the baby and the doctor has gone viral on Social Media when he was seen holding the scrubs of the doctors and he won’t let go. The story is that the doctor has just finished delivering the baby. But, when the baby came out of his mother’s womb, he wouldn’t let the doctor leave the room.

This happened at Phuong Chau International Hospital, Vietnam. In the cute photo, the baby looked like he needs to say something to the doctor. The doctor, at first, looked like the baby confused him and why not? It’s common for babies to cry after they come out of their mothers’ wombs but this baby did something uncommon. He even surprised netizens through his actions! The confused doctor, though surprised by the baby couldn’t help but give out a smile which is visible through his mask. This captured moment uploaded on the internet has warmed many people’s hearts.

Newborn Baby Won't Let Go of Doctor's Scrubs 1

But, of course, others also found it very funny. Some said that the reason why the baby is holding the doctor’s scrubs is to tell him that he is already hungry. They said that it’s possible the baby is asking for food. Some also pointed out that the baby didn’t want to go out into this world yet that he is going to have a serious talk with the doctor who pulled him out. Information about this baby wasn’t disclosed but people were quick to say that he is “Baby Boss” and “Baby Strong”


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