Education is very important for young children. Unfortunately, there are people who are struggling financially and can’t support the education of their children. Poverty is also a problem in the country of India. Some children cannot study because they don’t have enough money.

Mazin Muktar and Parmita Sarma are one of the good Samaritans who want to help children be able to study even though they come from a poor family. The couple thought of a brilliant idea to also protect the environment. They thought of the solution to the waste problem in their place in year 2013.

The school in Akshar, Assam provides free education for the poverty-stricken children. Even though its free, unfortunately only a handful of students attend the school. This is also because most parents rather have their children work than study

After several months, more children wanted to study in their area. Mazin Muktar and Parmita Sarma found out that their place have waste problems and lack of education. They decided to start this wonderful project to help the children and the environment.

The couple told the children that they will accept plastic waste as their tuition fee in school. Mazin Muktar and Parmita Sarma recycled these plastics and turned them into lamps and decorations.

Mazin Muktar and Parmita Sarma also sell the useful plastic materials to the junk shop. And they use the mony as a fund for their school. This story is an inspiration to everybody. Many people are happy that there are still people who has a big heart and wanted to provide education for free. The couple received praises for helping both the children and the environment.

If only other people can do this in their places, many children can study. And the environment will be cleaner because the plastic waste will be recycled again.


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