Are you an SSS member? If so, it’s your right to know the updated monthly SSS contribution that you need to pay.  The monthly contribution of a member depends on his or her monthly compensation. See down below the SSS Contribution Table for 2018. For employed members, the present rate of contribution is 11% of the monthly salary credit received by the member or not more than Php16, 000.

The 11% rate is being shared by the employee (3.63%) and the employer (7.37%).
In case of voluntary and self-employed members, they pay solely the 11% of the MSC based on the monthly compensation as declared during the registration. On the other hand, OFWs have fixed monthly salary credit of Php5, 000.

The contributions of a non-working spouse SSS member depends on the 50% of the monthly salary credit of the working spouse, and not lower than Php1, 000. 

SSS Contribution Table 2018 for Employer and Employed members.


For detailed sss contribution table, you may check below the schedule of contributions for self-employed, Overseas Filipino Workers and voluntary members.

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Schedule of Payments of Contributions
Aside from knowing the updated monthly contribution, it is also necessary to remember the schedule of payments.
For employed members, the employer will be the one to pay the contributions or loans of the employee-member.

The share of the employee will be automatically deducted from the salary and the employer will remit the payment following the prescribed schedule which is the 10th digit of the SSS ID number of the member. The payment for employed members must be remitted to SSS every month.
Schedule of payments for employed members

10th digit of the Employer’s SSS ID Deadline of Payment
1 or 2 10th of the month
3 or 4 15th of the month
4 or 6 20th of the month
7 or 8 25th of the month

For voluntary and self-employed members, the schedule of payments is based on the 10th digit of the members’ SSS number. The deadline of payment is the same with the employed members. However, this group of SSS members can pay the contribution either on monthly or quarterly basis.

Due Dates of Contributions

Due Dates of SSS Contributions Table 2018
image credit to SSS

Remember it is important to pay the monthly contributions on time to avoid penalties (for employed members) and missed payments (for voluntary and self-employed).


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