SSS maternity benefit is one of the services offered by Social Security System to its female members. A female member who delivers a child or experienced miscarriage and unable to work can claim the maternity benefits in a form of daily cash allowance.
In order to qualify for the maternity benefit, the member must at least pay 3 monthly contributions within 12 months prior to the semester of contingency. The member is also required to notify her employer about the pregnancy or directly to the SSS for those self-employed and voluntary paying members.

Notification Procedures for SSS Maternity Benefit

An employed female member must notify her employer about her pregnancy and the expected date of giving birth. She should inform her employer 60 days after conceiving and fill out the SSS Maternity Notification Form along with any proof of pregnancy. The employer will be the one to submit the documents to the SSS immediately after the employee accomplished the form.

For those voluntary paying and self-employed members, they should visit the SSS branch to notify about the pregnancy. Any case of delay or failure to notify the employer or the SSS within the required period may lead to denial or disapproval of maternity benefit application.

Requirements for maternity notification

  • Maternity Notification Form
  • Proof of pregnancy such as ultrasound result
  • SSS Biometric ID or UMID card or other valid IDs (with photo, date of birth, and signature)

SSS Maternity Benefit Requirements for reimbursement

Reminders for company representatives that they should present his or her own SSS digitized ID and blue card upon filing of the maternity benefit claim. Likewise, the SSS digitized ID of the member or the E-6 should also be presented. This will prevent any issue upon claiming the reimbursement. The requirements include the following:

  • Maternity Notification Form (received and stamped by SSS)
  • Maternity reimbursement form
  • SSS Biometrics ID or UMID card or two valid IDs

The same list of requirements is applicable for voluntary and self-employed members. On the other hand, separated members must bring the following requirements:

  • Maternity reimbursement form
  • SSS Biometrics ID or UMID card or two valid IDs
  • Certification of no advance payment
  • Certification of separation from employment from the last employer
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Additional requirements

  • Normal delivery – The member should submit certified true copy of registered birth certificate. Otherwise, registered fetal death certificate is required in case of stillborn.
  • Abortion or miscarriage – Dilation and curettage report is required for incomplete abortion certified by the physician and for completed abortion is a histopath report.
  • Caesarian delivery – Must submit the certified true copy of the registered birth certificate and authenticated surgical memorandum record.

You can file the maternity benefit claims at any SSS branch near you or at the branch where the employee and the employer are registered. Also if you want to know how much do you get on maternity benefit see this link for details on proper steps on how to compute of SSS maternity benefit.


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