Not all students are determined to finish college and achieve their dreams. In fact, some students are going to school just for the allowance. But, not for this Chinese student who is working hard to earn money for his tuition fees.

This Chinese student dreams to become a police officer. However, his adoptive family has no financial capability to send him to college. To earn money for his tuition fees, he sells watermelon and his goal was to sell about 35,000 kg. That would let him earn $2,000 or 14,000 yuan enough to pay for his tuition fees.


His story went viral not because of his goal to sell thousands of watermelons but because the netizens admire him for not accepting donations. He said that buying his watermelons is a great help to him. It is about two months for him to come up with the needed amount. Considering that he only earn 100 yuan a day, it seems to be impossible to achieve his goal.

His fate has been tested when Li met an accident that caused him to faint and his motorcycle was damaged. The situation aggravates as he needs to pay his medical bills amounting to 1,000 yuan.

Indeed, God is doing his ways. A nurse in the hospital where Li was confined learned about his situation. To help the young man, the nurse had used the social media to share the story of Li.

In spite of the fact that he needs the money and donations, Li preferred not to accept them. He thought that accepting the money is not the ideal way to achieve his dreams in life. He wants to work hard for it. Good thing is that the donors accept his request to buy the watermelons. Thus, he was able to earn 8,000 yuan for just a few days.

His story is an eye-opener for other people especially students to work hard so that they can achieve their dreams and goals in life.


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