The ideal house setting is to have a bedroom for every kid and a different one for the parents but this doesn’t always happen in the Philippine where families have to live in a small space. Some even live in a tight space where there are too many members of the family. This is the life of a woman named Elena or called by other ‘Aling Elena, Ang Super Mommy ng Marami’. She is called this way because she has 2 dozen kids.

All in all her kids are 24 and they all live together with the spouses of her other kids which make them 30 living in a very small house. Her story started when she fell in love with a carpenter. She got pregnant and they lived in together. They had 15 kids and when she was pregnant with the 16th kid her husband got killed for protecting their son who was being attacked. After a few months she went into a relationship with his friend and she got pregnant again. They had 8 kids in total. The friend of her husband who also became her husband took her children like his own.

They had a hard time raising their children but the money they earned was used to provide their kids food, shelter and clothing. They have a funny way of living. Their kids need to go in line to use the comfort room and get their foods but they’re all disciplined. They wait for their turns. When asked if she regrets having so many kids, Aling Elena said she doesn’t because she loves her kids and God gave her these precious angels. She said that even if life is hard, they have a good family relationship and help out one another.

Watch also here the Rated K episode:


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