One teacher was happy when his student wrote an excuse letter for not passing the exam. The student admitted that he chose to fail than to cheat. The letter had gone viral because of the student’s honesty and the teacher’s consideration.

photo via Rinzie Vargas / Facebook

Rinzie Vargas is a Senior High School and College Instructor. He is teaching at ACLC College of Mabalacat. He shared the photo of the excuse letter in his Facebook account. Rinzie explained the reason why he shared the excuse letter in social media. He said that he was touched when the student wrote an excuse letter for not being able to answer the questions in the exam. According to Rinzie, Values matters more than high grades. He said that the student was absent during the class lectures. He was able to tell the class to study for the exams. Rinzie appreciated when the student decided not to look at his notes and chose to be honest.

photo via Rinzie Vargas / Facebook

The teacher was happy to know that there are still students who are honest. He was surprised because this is the first time he received this kind of letter from his student. Many positive comments are shared about how understanding the teacher is. The teacher found out that the student had an accident on the day of the class lecture. Instead of giving a failing mark to the student, the teacher decided to give a special exam.

Netizens are happy because the teacher showed how much he cares for his students. Rinzie said that he is not allowing all students to do something like this. This is just new to him and he appreciated the effort. The teacher shared that he talked about this with the whole class and decided to let the student take a special exam. The student can now review his notes for the special exam. Rinzie said that he will give an update for the exam results soon.



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