Teachers are the ones responsible for instilling values to students; second to their parents. The teacher is the one who teaches the students their first basic lessons; writing and reading the alphabet. But what happens when the one who’s supposed to teach values will be the ones to break it? This is what happened to this teacher who beat her student for everyone to see.

It was not clear why the teacher suddenly started boxing and slapping the face of her female student. Aside from that, she also started kicking her even if she was already down on the floor. The crowd that gathered around them seem to be unable to do anything to stop the teacher from hurting her student further.

In one instant, the guard tried to stop the teacher and the student was able to stand up and went to the crowd; wanting to seek protection from another beating. But the teacher seemed to be in real beast mode and she was able to come near the student again. Another beating followed. The student didn’t fight back amidst all the beatings done to her by her teacher; no matter how much it surely hurt her physically aside from the embarrassment she had because of that incident.

This video has become viral and the netizens have given their opinion regarding the incident and there have been mixed reactions over it. Some said that before judging the teacher, the cause should be made known first. Some even said that maybe, the student had an affair with her teacher’s husband but whatever the cause; one thing should have been clear her. If you’re a teacher, there’s a proper channel to address it. The teacher shouldn’t have beaten her student because it’s very improper and not allowed by the law. The teacher may face a legal consequence for her action.

See and watch the video here: video source


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