Many countries are typically safe for women but there are some that are so dangerous that women get raped and become victims of trafficking and domestic violence. While a lot of women these days are fighting back, there are still some who are crippled by traditions and fear.

Here are some of the countries considered to be most dangerous for women.

1. Mexico


The women of Mexico are victims of their legal system. They don’t have any protection against domestic and sexual violence. Reports from 2011-2012 showed that there are almost 4,000 cases of women who disappeared in the country.

2. Egypt

You can see pyramids in Egypt. The country is rich in culture and traditions but it’s also where female tourists have reported about sexual assault and harassment from the local men. The local women of Egypt on the other hand don’t have the privilege to say how they feel and to exercise their right in their marriage, divorce, child custody and inheritance.

3. Brazil

There is one woman in every 15 seconds who gets sexually assaulted in Brazil. There are also cases of murder in the country every two hours. They’re not allowed to decide about having a baby though in rape cases and during times when the baby is in danger, they are allowed to have an abortion. There’s a three-year punishment to women who commit abortion.

4. Kenya

The women in this country don’t stand a chance against men. They are downgraded from the start. They don’t have the same education system as with men so they can’t have better salaries. Many women also get HIV due to the result of abuse.

5. Pakistan

90% of women in Pakistan either experience domestic violence, forced marriage at an early age and acid attacks. Women in this country are also victims of honor killings.

6. Somalia

There aren’t any laws in Somalia regarding sexual harassment so their local men don’t know how to respect their women. Their women are also victims of child marriage, maternal mortality and genital mutilation.

7. Democratic Republic of Congo

This is the country with really bad records of violence against women. There are 1,150 cases of rape in the country every day with a total of 420,000 every year.  Also, about 57% of pregnant women are anaemic.

8. India

Both local and tourist women in India are susceptible to gang rapes, human trafficking and domestic violence. The crime in this country is so severe that there are more than 30 million cases in the last 30 years pertaining to infanticides.

9. Afghanistan

There are about 400 in 100,000 ratio relating to maternal mortality rate cases. About 70-80% of the women in this country are victims of forced marriage at an early age and 87% of the women population didn’t receive proper education.

10. Colombia

Women are not the only ones in danger in this country because men are also victims of acid attacks. They never get justice for their experiences and in 2015 there have been reports of 45,000 cases of domestic violence.

If you’re planning to visit any of these countries, make sure you stay away from strangers and limit the places you’re going to by going to safer places in this countries and not the well-known violence areas. It’s better to be safe than sorry or better yet, just visit the countries that are safer so you can go home whole. There are many countries that are beautiful countries other than this list and they are safer to go to so you can enjoy yourself. Would you dare visit these countries?



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