Who would have thought that we have been using can openers the wrong way?

A can opener or tin opener is one of the most common tools in our kitchen utilized to, apparently, open metal or tin cans.  Can openers vary in designs. The early openers were simply a variation of a sharp knife. The first design specifically consists of a sharp cutting wheel that rotates, which is still a part of modern can openers.

That was invented in 1870 but ordinary customers found the device a bit difficult to use. Hence, a new, easy-to-use design emerged. In 1925, a serrated wheel was then added to support or hold the sharp cutting wheel on the can’s ring.

These days, you can access different types of can openers. There is what we call the level-type, also known as the claw-type can opener, and is possibly the most primitive type featuring a huge sickle-shaped blade. There is also a church key opener that is typically used to open beer cans, a single wheel opener perfect for a bit clumsy users, an electric can opener for a hassle-free can opening experience, and a butterfly can opener that features the rotating cutting wheel. The latter is what the man in the video used to demonstrate the “proper way” and looks like an easier way to open a can.

The video has already taken the internet by storm and it is easy to see why. The way the YouTube user utilized can opener was far different from the way most people are used at. Instead of attaching the butterfly opener vertically to the top of the can, which most of us surely usually do, the man in the video let the device lie on the top of the can horizontally then, champ the opener to the edge instead. Then, he spins the handle. Voila! The can is opened.

This video tutorial looks too simple, but still stunned many viewers anyway. Can openers have been here for decades now, so we are supposed to know how to use it the properly.


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