A Korean man married his pillow he named Fate Testarossa. Lee Jin Gyu shared his marriage ceremony to the public when he invited Korean media over to the ceremony of his marriage officiated by a true priest.  Fate, his pillow or wife is designed as an anime character. While the union is all about love, netizens can’t help but frown on this union. Some people think that this is just a show to excite the public. The Korean guy, Lee explained that he loves his wife, the pillow. He says that he is madly in love with ‘her’.

image: boing boing

The name of Fate comes from the anime character named Mahou Shujo Lyrical Nanoha. He points out that eversince he saw Fate, he became completely mesmerized with her. He brings her to the mall and amusement, and public parks for dates. He states that his loves for ‘her’ is something that no one can change though he had to think about marrying ‘her’ at first. When he married her, people either laughed at him for doing such thing or some got inspired for his bravery to marry a non-human.

The marriage ceremony took place in a church. He pursued the wedding even if he faced the criticisms of other people. The Otakus (people who have extreme liking for anime and manga) are very happy with this announcement and even professed their admiration for the female characters in anime and manga. While some people feels weird about this marriage, the fans of manga and anime are not. For them, this is as natural as it can get. No one knows what brought Lee to do this thing but it seems that he is happy with his pillow, Fate. What are your thoughts on this marriage?



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