Nowadays, there are many shocking videos about anything. Some can be inspiring while others are unbelievable.

A video was uploaded by Solo Dolo and she’s saying that the figure resembles a man walking through the clouds. The netizens who have viewed the video were concluding that it is God. The video was taken after a storm had brewed over Tuscaloosa, Alabama and what she was actually filming are the clouds.

While taking the video she doesn’t notice anything remarkable about the single white cloud that appears. Only when she uploaded the video and a user noticed something within the clouds. The shadow looks like a human-like figure in which the arms seemed like wide-spread and looks like walking within the clouds.

The video had made a buzz among netizens and it raised a debate regarding the shadow. Many have said that it was God who appeared as if telling the people not to worry anymore. Others believed that the Almighty is giving a warning of something to happen. Different theories and thinking arise, but no one knows what it really is.

There are other similar sightings in the clouds that happened from other parts of the world. In fact, similar scenario happened in Singapore and several netizens thought that the horizon looked like the late Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

The advancement of technology has been giving us the opportunity to capture any image. Obviously, if an expert in photography would watch the video, he might conclude that it was just a plain and simple shape of the clouds or an illusion made by our naked eyes.

Just like any other videos, this one doesn’t have a concrete explanation about the occurrence. Thus, it remains as a mystery in our minds. It depends on us whether we believe on what other people have been saying or believe in what we know is the truth. After all, God is everywhere even amidst us as long as we believe in Him.

Check out the video here


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