This is everyone’s dilemma; they’re going to a party or summer is near, they’re taking out their swimsuits or a hot pair of cropped top and leather pants but they try it on and their stomach is bulging. A bulging tummy is common in people who drink, eat uncontrollable amounts of food and lack of exercise.

The time they put on the clothes they like is also the time they realize that it will be a shame to wear such clothes that’s why James Duigan is teaching different tummy workouts foe every kind to specifically target it so anyone doing so can wear what they want with no guilt. James Duigan is a personal trainer who has worked with Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntingdon-Whitely.


If you have a problem with your tummy, read this and find out what kind of tummy you have and how to get rid of it.

Spare Tire

Spare tire is common in people with sedentary lives. If you work in an office or you spend most days sitting and eat a lot of sugary foods. James declared that this kind of tummy problem is easy to eliminate and only need to watch diet and exercise.

What to do

  • Avoid or lessen sugar intake
  • Avoid biscuits, pasta, white bread and rice
  • Avoid cakes
  • Avoid or lessen alcohol intake
  • Eat eggs, grilled chicken, vegetables and smoked salmon for breakfast
  • Eat foods rich in healthy fats like avocados, nuts and oily fish which help burn fat faster which result to flat tummy
  • Take brisk walks and other exercises like lunges, dips and squats
  • Avoid chemical-laden foods and salty foods

Little Pooch

Women with families or career women are prone to this tummy type. These maybe women who go to the gym but do the same routine of eating and exercise and lose weight but the tummy can be seen bulging.

What to do

  • Eat green leafy vegetables and other foods rich in fiber to promote better digestion and treat bloating, constipation and inflammation
  • Drink considerable amount of water
  • Eat fish and chicken
  • Avoid exercises like crunches
  • Lessen sit-ups and do plank workouts a couple of minutes each day
  • Add weight lifting if you’re doing squats and lunges

Stress Tummy

This type of tummy is common in over-achievers. They usually have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which results to bloating. Bloating makes the tummy look bigger. A stress tummy can feel hard to the touch instead of soft.

What to do

  • Don’t skip meals
  • Always eat your breakfast, the most important meal of the day
  • Lessen your caffeine intake
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Practice relaxation techniques like yoga
  • Increase your magnesium-rich foods intake

Bloated Tummy

People with bloated tummy wakes up having a flat stomach but ending the day having a larger tummy because of gas and indigestion. This is caused by food intolerance.

What to do

  • Avoid wheat and gluten products
  • Avoid processed dairy products like cheese, milk and butter
  • Eat breakfast and chew your food well
  • Do breathing techniques in the morning

Mummy Tummy

This is typical in mothers who have excess fat from giving birth. These women are busy with having a family that they lack time to exercise. It may take a lot of exercise and proper dieting to get rid of this tummy problem.

What to do

  • Increase intake of good fats like nuts, vegetable oil and olives
  • Do pelvic exercises 5X a day
  • Avoid crunches
  • Take fish oil or Omega-3 acid rich foods regularly


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