Going to Bicol will take more than 8 hours of travel time and that’s a long ride. Sitting that long in a bus can be boring or worst cause joint and back pains. Although there are stopovers, you’ll notice that it can be tiring. That’s why there’s a new kind of bus that offers its passengers the most comfortable ride there is because you can lie down during your travel. The bus company offering this one-of-a-kind trip is Isarog Bus Co. Their buses for Bicol have their own CRs and WIFI so it’s very comfortable and everyone can enjoy their trip using surfing the net.

The bus is huge and the design is modern. Passengers love the bus because of its accessibility and because it’s safe to ride. This allows the passenger to either sleep while traveling or use the internet when they’re bored. The bus is also spacious enough which guarantees that the passengers will have an awesome time while they’re traveling to Bicol. Interested passengers can go to EDSA Cubao to ride the bus going to Bicol. One ticket is priced at Php1350. It’s possible to buy the ticket online or buy it from the terminal but be reminded that you need to book in advance.

The name of the bus is ‘Sleeper Bus’ and it has 18 sleeping cabins. This is a nice way to travel especially for busy people from the Metro who don’t have enough sleep because they can rest while traveling. The bus already its basic amenities like comfort room so you don’t have to worry when you need to pee.

Try riding this bus that has become a hit with passengers so you’ll experience it for yourself. Would you try riding this bus when going to Bicol?


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