Iza Calzado is one of the busiest stars in the country and as proof of her hard work; one just has to look at her condo unit in Makati City. Her unit is very spacious and modern. She sold her property in Quezon City before looking for a property in Makati. She was able to acquire her condo unit in 2014. She wanted to do some renovations in the unit but decided to finish paying the mortgage first.

Iza started on her renovation after six months of living in the property. She had the services of her good friend, Nix Alanon who happens to be the principal designer of FTADesign which is an art and style company.

Iza shared that her house is still a work in progress but she doesn’t want to do things in a hurry. IZA finds it hard to describe her unit revealing that at first, she wanted to make her house French but it was too girly for her. She then opted for something feminine but edgier; which is just like her in real life.


The foyer on her unit is defined by a horse-leg console table bought from Firma. This holds a few books and some accessories.

Living Area

This area a has high ceiling and an enormous picture window that bathes the area with natural light. Her unique pieces of furniture were from PhoeNix Home. This is the lifestyle brand and furniture store of Nix. The living area is very elegant and the couch is very homey. It exudes nothing but elegance.

There’s a painting hanging by a corner on the area which is one of her prized possessions. It is a sketch of Ben Cabrera or otherwise known as BenCab, National Artist for Visual Arts. She loves it so much because she was the subject of the said painting. The painting, Sabel, marked her debut in the theather where she played the title role.

Looking from the second floor, the living room is so enchanting to look at. The high ceiling adds a bright and spacious feel to the area. The sofa is highlighted with an Avalon throw blanket from Hermes and fluffy pillows.

Iza wanted moldings but they have to incorporate it because there are walls and windows to consider. The door panels flank the metal shelf which holds Iza’s favorite things.

Entertainment Area

The entertainment area is more relaxing than the living area. It has shades of gray and a darker area rug. The curtains are capable to block the rays of the sun. A painting by Takahiro Hirabayashi, a Japanese painter, is displayed on the wall.

Dining Area

Iza’s dining area is very similar to al fresco dining and lush gardens. Natural lights bathe the area. Her eight-seated glass-topped table and upholstered chairs add nothing but elegance to the area. The area is filled with touches of beige, light gray, and white. To make the area bigger, they had to use mirrors.

The actress loves having her friends around so even if she lives there by herself, she opted for a big dining table.

Kitchen Area

She wanted the area to have a clean look so it was mostly in color white including the cabinets. Her collection of wine glasses, saucers, and plates are stored in the black glass cabinet.  She has a “Thought of the Day” board where Iza jots down the thoughts that come up in her mind.

Her kitchen is ideal for preparing meals. It’s filled with top-quality appliances and a high-end refrigerator.

Powder Room

The unit has a lot of marble highlights when Iza moved in. The black marble in the powder room was retained by Iza. This area will remind Iza’s guests of five-star hotels.


The glass staircase is very fascinating. Iza said that it was already there when she moved in but decided to retain it because it’s very expensive. There’s a framed photograph of her father, Lito Calzado underneath the stairs.


The bedroom of the actress is breathtaking and exudes a lot of elegance. It’s dominated by touched of color gray and a California king bed gives the actress a much-needed relaxation after a hard day’s work.

The wallpaper in the bedroom is from the United Kingdom. Iza loves the view from her unit. She can enjoy a wonderful view of the Makati Skyline from her bedroom. She has a lounge chair designed by fellow actress, Solenn Heusaff. There’s a 4-tiered cabinet that holds her knickknacks and gadgets.

She also has a work area in the bedroom where she gets some of her tasks done.


Her bathroom is magical. It’s very similar to those in hotel suites. Her enclosed shower area is bathed with natural lights coming from the enormous windows.

Iza said that the former owner loves marble so much but for her l bathroom, she had it removed because she didn’t like it. She regrets it after because she learned that it was expensive.

Walk-in Closet

This area used to be an entertainment den but Iza had it transformed into a walk-in closet where she stores her clothes, shoes, and bags. She has a vanity corner in the room too.

The area is very neat and her clothes and shoes are arranged based on its type. They are arranged so well that you won’t see a spot that’s not orderly. Iza explains that aside from wanting everything to be tidy, it will also make it easier for her to look and get what she needs to use.


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