Celebrities nowadays know where to invest their hard-earned money. Most of them have put up a business and invested in properties too. You’ve already seen some of the celebrities’ houses and it’s time to see the elegant house in Antipolo of actress Julia Montes.

The actress recalled that in 2012, she started looking for the right house. She checked different houses until this house in Antipolo caught her fancy. Some houses were a bit pricey while the other ones have some renovations needed. The house she chose was a perfect choice. It was also semi-furnished so they didn’t have a hard time decorating it.


This elegant house in Antipolo stands proud with its tall black gate that has gold accents. It’s a Mediterranean style house that has roof tiles, wrought iron, and brick details.

Living Area


The living area is cozy and spacious. It has wooden seating pieces matched with cushion. The center table has the same dark wood finish with the seating pieces. The pieces of furniture in the living area are mostly in earthly tone giving the house a minimalist feel. They were already there when they moved in so they just added some accessories for their personal touch.

One thing noticeable in the house is the simplicity. It’s not as grand as the houses of most celebrities. The TV is placed on a small console table and beside it is a small magazine storage. The dining area is a few steps away from the living room. There’s a wooden staircase with wrought iron railings.

Dining and Kitchen Area

Just like in other parts of the house, the color red is also very dominant in the dining and kitchen area. The dinnerware sets and barstools in the breakfast area are all red. There’s a four-panel screen divider that separates the living and dining areas.

A sliding door covered with curtains leads to the garden. There’s a 6-seater dining table in that area too.

Sitting Nook

There’s a sitting nook between the living and dining area. It was placed on an empty space and can be used for many purposes like reading. The family can also have some refreshments and light snacks in this area.


There’s a common bathroom underneath the stairs. This is for use of the guests. A short stairway leads to this area. The bathroom is a combination of tropical and modern elements. There are pebble stones under the sink which gives the area a spa-like feel. It has a vessel sink that sits on top of a wood counter.

Julia’s Bedroom

It gets more obvious as to what Julia’s favorite color is once one gets to see her bedroom. The young actress explained that she loves reading books and saw that red symbolizes strength.

At the foot of her bed are two black leather chairs that match her bed and bedside table. There’s a bigger black sofa beside her bed near her vanity dresser. Her dresser is a cute console cabinet with a few drawers and a mirror. Beside it is a coat rack turned into a hat and bag rack.

A treadmill sits on one side of her bedroom which the actress claims she seldom uses because once she gets home, she just wants to go to sleep. Her bathroom is also very simple. There are some pebble stones below the sink.

Walk-in Closet

Just like other celebrities who own a lot of clothes and shoes, the young actress has a huge walk-in closet. It’s very simple and spacious. Her big collection of shoes is grouped according to their style and placed in shelves.


This area is very relaxing. The family can just idle away time sitting here while reading a book or eating snacks. It offers a nice view and it’s nothing but a peaceful spot. There are also plants surrounding the area. For the young actress, this area gives her a chance to build new dreams because of the open view which allows her to see the sky.

image source: julia montes | ig


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