Eating food rich in nutrients can keep the body fit and make you live longer but sometimes it’s hard to stay away from foods that have no nutritional value because these foods are so high in artificial flavoring that you like to eat in on a regular basis. These kinds of foods though have a very bad effect to the body causing different kinds of diseases.

These are the foods you should avoid if you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

1. Processed Foods

Processed foods include hotdogs, bacons and other cured meats, canned vegetables, fish and meats or any food that has been altered by putting chemicals that enhance flavors. These kinds of foods are dangerous to the body because of the preservatives used to keep the food longer and prevent it from rotting. These foods have high sodium content which is bad for the kidney. It can also cause cancer, allergies and other skin conditions.

2. Artificial Sweeteners

Real sugar is bad for the body when you take too much of it but artificial sweeteners like those that have aspartame is worse because it can badly affect the brain. You might think that artificial sweeteners can help you lose weight or protect you from diabetes but it doesn’t. What it does is to further cause weight gain, increase your risk of getting diabetes, get liver problems, and have brain complications. The better thing to do is to just lessen your sugar intake since a little amount of sugar is still needed by the body to produce energy which keeps you going all day.

3. Corn Syrup

This sweetener is used in making processed foods and carbonated drinks but this is so bad for the bad for the body because it signals your brain to go hungry all the time making you eat more and result to obesity that cause many diseases in the long run.

4. Deep Fried Foods

It’s hard to stay away from oily foods so occasionally eating it is suggested but don’t go overboard as this will cause poor function of the heart. It will increase the levels of fats in the body which can be a cause for hypertension and high levels of cholesterol through hardening of the veins of the heart and poor circulation. These things will lead to stroke and other complications of the heart and brain.

5. Grilled Foods

Grilled foods are one of the most delicious foods you can eat. Here in the Philippines, grilled and barbequed foods are popular street foods and many people eat it but it also has harmful effects on the body. The process of grilling promotes chemical reactions which result to forming of compounds that can cause cancer. If you’re grilling your foods, make sure you don’t eat the charred skin.

6. Junk Foods

Like other processed foods, junk foods have high salt content and they are laden with preservatives to keep them longer and crispy. These types of foods have the same bad effects as processed foods. Junk fods include instant noodles, chocolates, candies and chips.

7. Softdrinks

It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking regular softdrinks or the diet kind because it has the same effects. It has too many real sugars or artificial sweeteners that can not only cause diabetes but other diseases related to the brain and heart.

It’s alright if there are times when you want to try these kinds of foods because it’s not that easy to stay away from them but it’s also important to minimize the intake if you want to live longer and not cause complications in your health.


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