Bet you didn’t know to cry is good for you! Well, it is, according to research. Dr. Aaron Neufield from Los Altos Optometric Group suggests crying in the evening. Do it between 7-10. He mentioned that there are different kinds of tears. One of these can even help you lose weight! Imagine losing weight by mere crying! That’s hard to beat.

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The eye doctor explained further. Reflex, Basal, and Psychic are the three tears you should know. The one that lubricates the eyes is the basal tears. Because of this, there’s enough moist in the eyes. You need moisture to avoid irritation. The reflex tears are responsible for protecting it. These tears can remove irritants. Thanks to reflex tears, your eyes will feel comfortable. The last tears are the psychic tears. It’s the ones you shed when you feel strong emotions in a given situation.

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These tears are also responsible for weight loss. But, how? If you’ve noticed, some people lose weight when something emotional happens to them. It can be a b@d break-up or d3ath of a loved one. It can also be about finances. These things affect someone more than it should.  It’s also through this that fat storage hormones lose their effectiveness. Weight loss can happen in these times.

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To add, cortisol (a hormone) is your body’s stress hormone. It’s what they call the human ‘alarm system’. It affects your body during stressful situations thus the ‘fight or flight’ decision. Aside from that, it also helps in controlling sugar, levels, and blood pressure. It can influence your body’s way of using proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The body can store a lot of fat during stress because of the increased levels of cortisol. The stress can strengthen you but, more than that, it can guide your body to storing fats. After that episode, your body will now burn the fats. This happens when the cortisol levels lower. This is also when you lose weight. True or not, what do you think? Please comment below!



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