Bloating is common in functional gastrointestinal disorders and can happen to anyone. You feel you’re abdomen is full and tight when it is bloated. There can be many causes for bloating but most of the time food is the culprit experts point out to. There are also other reasons for bloating like insulin resistance. Below are some of the most common reasons why you are bloated.


1. You have Love Tolerance for Foods

Junk foods, foods rich in carbohydrates or foods rich in fiber can sometimes cause bloating. Also, if you are not following a strict regular diet, you may be prone to bloating.

2. You Have Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is a pathological condition where your cells don’t respond properly to insulin. Having this condition can cause disruption to your digestive system which can result to bloating.

3. You Skip Meals

Eating regularly can command your digestive system to function properly unlike when you skip your meals. Skipping meals sends different signals to your tummy and confusing it. This causes bloating.

4. Yeast Infection

Doctors prescribe antibiotics to cure you of a certain disease but sometimes it has side effects like yeast infection. One of the foods that you should avoid when you have yeast infection is oatmeal.

5. You Can’t Tolerate Gluten

Gluten is made from a variety of storage proteins which come from many kinds of cereal grains. Some people have high sensitivity to gluten that they are restricted to eat it. If you’re one of those, avoid it and stick to a gluten-free diet.

6. Food Combinations that Don’t Work

Eating several kinds of foods at a time can result to bloating especially when these foods don’t compliment the other. Some say that when you eat watermelon and drink Coke, you’ll get bloated. The effects can be different for everyone so what’s important is you watch out what combinations are perfect for you.

7. Digestive Enzymes Deficiencies

The composition and how strong your body is determined by many factors like chronic stress, yeast or bacteria infections, you have a low acid level in your body, aging or you have food intolerance. It’s best if you go to a doctor so you can consult about your about you’re ongoing problem regarding your bloated tummy.

8. Bacteria, Yeast and Parasites 

Nursing a parasite inside your tummy can definitely lead to not only bloating but other more serious health problems.

What you want to remember is that bloating is a treatable condition as long as you follow your doctor’s order or you maintain a strict diet regimen. It’s also advisable if you consult a doctor because there may be underlying conditions as to why you are bloated.


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