Rosemary is a perennial herb belonging to the mint family. It is originally from the Mediterranean Region and the Greeks are known to use this herd for many, many years to boost brain function. Rosemary has a distinct taste and a powerful aroma that gives so much flavor to many dishes. It tastes good in Roasted Chicken and potatoes and even in breads. It’s easy to use rosemary as an herb for your cooking while reaping its health benefits. Using rosemary as a natural solution for some ailments lowers the risk of getting other diseases that come from the side effects of chemically-laden medicines.

Here are nine of the common health benefits of rosemary.

1. Rosemary Can Treat Involuntary Contractions


Contractions or spasms are common in people who don’t eat a balanced-diet or who don’t eat foods in a timely manner. This is not a good process for the whole body and may cause deterioration of health. Luckily, rosemary provides relief for the nerves, muscles and intestines. It aids in the regular movements of the muscles and other parts of the body.

2. Rosemary is a Powerful Pain Reliever

Some of the painful health occurrences that can happen to someone are dysmenorrhea, stomach cramps, arthritis and other muscles pains. Rosemary can help alleviate all of that. If you experience any of this, you can use rosemary oil to massage the affected areas because rosemary can help that body part to feel relaxed. Additionally, you can also use rosemary in vapour baths so you can inhale its aroma.

3. Rosemary is Rich in Antioxidants


Rosemary helps the body fight off diseases and flushes out harmful free radicals from the body due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory contents. These antioxidants boost the immune system making it more resistant to diseases.

4. Rosemary is good for the Brain

The brain is responsible for most of the body’s function so you need to makes your brain healthy to maintain its natural processes. Rosemary’s antioxidants and other healthy contents help in defending against the ill effects of free radicals in the brain. It also helps in preventing premature brain aging and for the recovery of patients who have neuro-cognitive disorders. Rosemary can also aid from tissue inflammation, damage and clotting which result to stroke.

5. Rosemary Can Fight Cancer


The extract of rosemary prevents the growth of cancer cells and aids in healing damaged cells making it new and full-functioning again. Its extract is also said to slow down the growth of leukemia and breast carcinoma cells. It’s used as an anti-tumor agent and aids in ovarian cancer and other kinds of cancer.

6. Rosemary Treats Skin Conditions

Rosemary has antiseptic properties which help in regulating the blood flow on the skin. It helps lessen the symptoms or effectively manages skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and fungal infections. It promotes proper hair growth and can lessen the risk of alopecia, a hair condition where there is partial or total hair loss.

7. Rosemary Promotes Proper Digestion and Help Eliminate Stomach Disorders


Indigestion is the discomfort in the stomach area. The extract of rosemary can help in allowing the food particles in the intestines to be completely digested. Rosemary also aids in the treatment of other stomach disorder like excessive acid production.

9. Rosemary Helps Stimulate Cognitive Functions

This aromatic herb can be used in stimulating parts of the brain that involves the cognitive functions of the whole body. The scent of rosemary can boost the mood, increase concentration abilities and improve memory and attentive span.

7. Rosemary Encourages the Liver to Function Properly


Rosemary Extract can heal oxidative damage or stress in the liver. It prevents the glycogen in the liver to decrease and gives the liver enough protection against tissue damage. It reduces the enzymes in the liver that cause liver failure or hepatitis.

Take note that there is an advised amount of rosemary to use which can be called safe and effective.


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