Brooke Ochoa is your typical simple girl who was out on lunch by herself one day. When she first entered the restaurant she went to eat at, she held a door for and older woman. This woman was a stranger to her but she felt she wanted to talk to the woman and get to know her. Both of them are by themselves during that time so she mustered up the courage and asked the woman if she could join her. She said “I’m eating by myself too, would you like to have lunch together?” The woman answered yes so Brooke felt excited.

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credit: mirror uk

The old woman is Dolores and after a few minutes talking, she found out some interesting details about Dolores’ life. Dolores’ mother just passed away and before that, they were living together. Dolores’ aunt whom she also lived with was just placed in a nursing home. Dolores felt very lonely because of that. Their connection was great and they both felt relieved and inspired to take their lunch date to the next level by doing it every Thursdays.

Brooke was “healed” because of talking to Dolores. In fact, she says it’s the best decision she’s made all year. The inspiring story of Brooke has made it to Facebook and netizens can’t help but feel happy and inspired that the post has now garnered over 2 million likes and more than 250,000 shares. Truly, you can find inspiration from the most ordinary places and when you least expect it. Sometimes a stranger is just beside you and for some reason you’ll feel connection. You start talking and you click and it can be a start of something worthwhile. Don’t lose hope because somewhere, someone is meant to be a friend to you and you also get a chance to make someone happy. Have you tried talking to a stranger before? How was it?


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