Spending for weddings can be pricey. USD30,000 is spent for an extravagant celebration in the US alone. It’s a special day that husbands and wives to be want to spend a lot to make it a special day for them and their respective families. Most couples goes through a lot of spending on this occasion and sometimes it can cause turmoil in the relationship. A study has been made by economic professors Andrew Francis-Tan and Hugo M. Mialon about the relationship patterns of married people.

image: the independent

It shows that couples who get married spending less are more inclined to stay together while couples who like to spend a lot will more likely break-up. The research involves 3,000 participants who are married. They found out that the higher the price of the engagement ring and overall cost of the wedding the higher the risk of failed marriage is for couples. Men who spend USD2,000 to USD4,000 on engagement ring and other costs may result to having a divorce than just spending USD500 to USD2,000.


Meanwhile, there is a lower risk for divorce if you partners only spend about USD1,000 on wedding ceremonies. The study also shows that couples who spend at a wedding cost of more than USD20,000 is 1.6 times higher to get divorced. The cost of honeymoon isn’t a basis for divorce, the study shows.


Spending on your loved one is something that most people want to do but practicality dictates that you should also save up especially if you can have a beautiful wedding for a lesser price. What is important is the union of two people who chose to be one in the presence of family, friends and the Lord. How about you, would you spend a lot on your wedding day?



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