Many people like to travel every now and then and at times, you will even have to ride the plane to travel somewhere else. You’re probably thinking that your luggage is safe and being handled carefully by airport staff. On the contrary, once your luggage is out for checking by the airport staff, they start ransacking each luggage; checking out what they can steal from the unknowing passengers.

The video showed a compilation of what the airport staff does to the suitcases of a traveler. It so disheartening to see how they ransack each suitcase and even goes as far as destroying some of them. The video is a compilation of several incidents of robbing passengers. You can see how fast their hands were and unmindful of the luggage that even if they had to destroy some of them.

These airport personnel involved in the video didn’t seem to have a single bone of shyness and fear. It seemed like they are comfortable in doing such a thing. They don’t care whether they will be relieved from work once they are identified. What matters to them is if they will be able to get as much as they can.

This video shows how people nowadays go on stealing something from other people who might have even worked hard just to be able to have that thing only to get stolen from thieves like the airport staff. In recent years and months, airport staff stealing and planting some things on the luggage of travelers have hit the headlines. It seems like this practice wasn’t truly addressed properly hence, it is still happening until this very day. If the government officials will really look further into these incidents, this will be stopped. The airport needs a massive clean-up drive of employees especially those handling the luggage of travelers.

Watch the actual stealing here:


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