A bus heading to Baguio becomes viral on Social Media due to the comfort it gives to the passengers. The large bus with a capacity of 28 passengers makes the trip very relaxed as every seat has its own LCD monitors where you can watch a show or movie. You just have to bring your own headset though. You can also listen to music and use the internet in the bus. The best part is there are no stopovers because there’s a CR in the bus so most probably the trip will be shorter so you have more time to stay and explore your destination.

This bus became viral because a netizen named Clarence Estandian Inso narrated how amazing this bus to Baguio is. He said that his travel tip to people who want to visit the ‘summer capital of the Philippines’ is to ride this bus. He said that the bus even has tray tables and cup holders so it’s really super comfy. He said that the price for one-way bus ride is Php730 which is not bad compared to other regular air-conditioned buses going there. He is so delighted with the bus that he had to share it with everyone.

The bus terminal with the 28-seater with toilet is located in Avenida. This bus is good for people who want to reach their destinations fast and for those who prefer comfort when they travel. You just need to add a bit more budget to ride the bus then you can surely feel relaxed as you travel. The individual LCD monitors are a nice touch especially to those who enjoy just watching and not talking to their seatmates as they travel. Would you ride this bus going to Baguio?

Takenote: Not all vehicular buses are upgraded to the Premium Class.


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