Remember Spencer Reyes? He’s one of the members of Streetboys, a popular male dance group in the 90s. The group he was in was pitted against Universal Motion Dancers – also a popular all-male dance group. Their group was well-known for their acrobatic and many times, sexy moves. They became household names, especially for their female fans.

On the other hand, their male fans looked up to them for their acrobatic dance numbers. Aside from his dance stints, he also became a popular actor during that time. Born on April 18, 1978, Spencer not only showed his dancing prowess but also starred in many films and television shows up to the early 2000s.

Some of the films he was in were Spirit Warriors, Computer Combat, and Tugatog. He was also in Istokwa alongside Mark Anthony Fernandez who was also a popular actor at that time. He starred in more movies like Esperanza: The Movie and more. He was also in many tv series and specials like Maalala Mo Kaya, Esperanza, and Saan Ka Man Naroroon. He was even in a love team with Aiza Seguerra who is now called “Ice”.

New talents rose up through the years and Spencer’s star dimmed. He acted less and less, one day he went out of the limelight. You would wonder where he is and what he’s been doing now. Now and then, his pictures would surface during occasions like meetups with his other Streetboys co-members. But what is he up to now is a common question for avid fans.

If you’ve been following his Instagram account, you’ll know that he now lives in the United Kingdom (UK). He now has a family with three kids. He would sometimes perform for fans like the charity event in Milan which he graced with Michael Sesmundo who also belong to Streetboys. The event featured a dance masterclass where 200 children and teens attended. The attendees are from the VIP Dance Academy.

Spencer Reyes may be out of Philippine showbiz but he has a Youtube channel. It’s where he shares different fitness routines to his subscribers. He also shares his other activities to his fans through that channel. He’s gone a long way since he also got an SVQ 2 in Performing Engineering at SCQF Level 5. This is a certification that lets Spencer do his line of work.

He quitted the Philippine showbiz but his gift for performing is still there. He is also generous with his fans in sharing his talent for dancing. He is now a family man and from the looks in his Instagram account, he is very happy with his life. Thanks to his family and a peaceful lie abroad, he is now living the best way.


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