What’s better than a hot showbiz personality? It would be a showbiz personality living life on the farm! Coco Martin is now one of the celebrities trying the farm life.

A viral post showed Coco tending his garden. He planted all the produce and watered the plants, and shared it on his IG account. Some of the vegetables he planted are squash, onions, mustard, and okra. His choices of crops are like the vegetables from the Filipino song ‘Bahay Kubo.’

The actor asked his followers to do the same. He said that farming is good for the environment. The photos he posted are the envy of many netizens. It’s unclear if the lot he already bought the lot he is using from its owner. He only shared that the owner allowed him to turn it into a farm.

Based on the photos he shared, Coco is an organized farmer. He placed enough distance between his crops. Coco also built a Bahay Kubo in the vacant lot. It’s where he and his friends stay to relax and pigout.

It’s nice to see a famous person taking the time to eat healthy foods from his vegetable garden. People get busy that they forget what nourishment is. Coco knows that fresh produce is tasty and nutritious. Indeed, farming can help the environment!

There’s less carbon footprint when you grow your crops or buy local produce. It’s delicious and healthy. Be like Coco! Practice green living even through your busy schedule. Mother Earth will be proud. Fresh produce contains no chemicals and other toxic substances.

Farming can also be a stress reliever for busy people. Kudos to Coco Martin for sharing his passion for farming! We salute you! What do you think of this story? Feel free to write in the comments.


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