A woman from North Carolina named Charlotte ‘Lee’ Broadway is a beautiful wife and mother. She is known in her community. She married her high school named Eric and they had four kids through their marriage. Their children are aged 8, 10, 16 and 22 years old. All the kids’ names start with letter A. They are a happy family but one day last April 1, Lee started feeling extreme migraine attacks. Lee ignored her headache, Little did she know that this migraine is a result of something more serious. This is also the last time that Eric will see his wife. She died because she had Brain Aneurysm. She had a complication when she had an operation for the condition.

All their friends helped out the family. They gave cash to help out the expenses for the burial as well as other expenses. They received cash gifts amounting to almost $29,000.
Lee didn’t experience any symptoms that’s why they didn’t have any idea on what was happening. Doctors also told Eric that almost all cases of Brain Aneurysm have no symptoms.
There are times when people experience symptoms. These symptoms include headache, neck pain or stiff neck, nausea, seizures, light sensitivity, loss of consciousness and/or weakness of a body part.

Consult your doctor immediately and don’t wait to do so if you feel any of this. This is serious condition which can cause death and safety precautions must be done to ensure that you have a chance to survive it when it happens.  The story of Lee is a sad one because they didn’t stand a chance. The family who are well and happy suddenly undergoes a devastating event but luckily they got help from the people who love them.



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