Anyone who drinks alcohol can be attractive according to a study. Participants were asked to rank the attractiveness level of the people on the photos who are drinking alcohol. People who are on the photos and drinking two small glasses of wine tend to be more attractive than those who don’t. People who drank double the amount aren’t considered attractive. According to the study, the attractiveness can be attributed to the red color that the cheeks get when you drink alcohol. It is considered attractive because you look healthy and full of life.

image: mamamia

They are also researching facts about the relation between sex and alcohol and if this is a reason for someone being attractive when drank than sober people. To further the study, heterosexual participants who consumed alcohol were given photographs of people who are sober then the same people who are drank. The participants were then asked to rate those photographs and which picture is more attractive.  The study shows that clearly, the photographs wherein a sober individual is less attractive than the person who drank a low dose of alcohol; 250 ml of wine with 14% alcohol volume for a 154 lbs person.


Whether the person who drank some alcohol is the spectator or the one being looked at, he will find the person he is looking at attractive or he will be attractive to another person even when he is drank. This goes to show that a little bit of alcohol is not really a problem if you just put it in moderation. Alcohol may not be for every because of its bitter taste but wouldn’t you try it if you learned that it can make you attractive. Plus, alcohol can also make someone fearless and you can ask the person you like through the help of alcohol.



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