Seeing beggars on the streets is something so ordinary nowadays. With the current state of the country; prices going up every now and then, many citizens have gone on the streets to beg for alms. Some would beg for food while others will ask for money. There are even those who have seemed to make a living out of it. It is always a pity to see these people; having very little to eat and most of the time, nothing at all. Most often than not, people just look at them and don’t bother to spare even a single biscuit.

But the gesture of Faith Ares was really admirable when a beggar approached her. To her surprise, the beggar was very fluent in the English dialect. He told her that he won’t be asking for money as he just needs to eat something since he is very hungry. They went to Jollibee and bought the man something to eat.

She asked him about his life while they were eating and she learned that he graduated in Ateneo and became a professor in Ateneo and UP. He came from Bacolod but went to Cebu for a business deal which unfortunately went bankrupt and left home with nothing. He was penniless and can’t even go back to Bacolod. He was supposed to ask help from a priest but wasn’t able to find him that time.

After their meal, she handed him a Php100 bill which the man was shy to accept at first but she insisted. He asked for her number so that he when he has the means, he will be able to thank her. Many netizens were touched with this act of kindness of Faye and she really got their admiration. What happened to the old man also left them thinking that it was possible that even if you’re doing well in life, it can turn upside down and leave you with nothing.


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